House of Krazees Casket Cutz Black Cassette
hok casket cutz black cassette

House of Krazees Casket Cutz Black Cassette

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You asked and we listened!! this is not the purple ones that sold out so quick this is the BLACK ALTERNATE VERSION CASSETTE with a different COVER and different color cassette!!! This is for anyone who missed out or just wants to bump the OG HOK!! This HISTORIC album is a greatest hits cassette from the House Of Krazees!!
House of Krazees - Casket Cutz Cassette
Greatest Hits              
1. House of Krazees (Remix) 
2. Home Sweet Home
3. Homebound 
4. Nosferatu 
5. Horror Story 
6. Weakness 
7. Call It Wut You Want 
8. Slip into Reality 
9. Pig Skinnas 
10. Bates Theory 
11. Murder, Murder, Murder (Full version with Hektik, Mr. Bones, The R.O.C.)
12. Ghost (Originally released on Mob Mentality)

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