Twiztid Mystery Box Fall 2018

Twiztid Mystery Box Fall 2018

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Twiztid Mystery Box Fall 2018

These boxes will have at least 100 bux worth of merch, some jerseys, some hoodies, 3 shirts or some combination!!! These boxes take it back to the beginning with some random ass novelties and will be hooked up with crazy stuff. 50 bux for a box no one should be disappointed. 

IT'S BACK!!!! This box will come with at least what is listed above and of course the opportunity to score some RARE items like backstage passes, VIP upgrades, and CREW MERCH!!!

so who knows what you could get inside??

As always these are a mystery so you never know what you can get all boxes will be worth more than their retail value with RANDOM EXTRAS thrown into RANDOM BOXES!!!!

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